To download CCleaner being an ideal tool to clean our computer from any reciduo of a program and temporary files. Before you start explaining how you can download the latest version of ccleaner from their website for free.

We will inform you about some of the things you need to know about free PC cleaners.


Optimize the device. Bring the device back to life by removing unnecessary programs. Scan and delete all unnecessary files and enjoy your computer like the first day.

Automatic updates. CCleaner’s automatic updates will ensure maximum performance from your device. The cleaning program identifies the new versions available and updates them itself, without the user having to do anything.

Improved performance. Accelerate your system like you never thought possible. Adwares and malware can slow down your computer, but once removed, it will run at full speed again.

  • Download CCleaner and enjoy your computer in complete comfort.
    CCleaner is available on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS and Android platforms.

What is a PC cleaner like ccleaner?

There are many free computer cleaners on the technology market, but there are so many that we don’t know which one to store. The cleaner may be our choice for free computer cleaning as it is free software.

What does it mean that Ccleaner is free software? Well, it just means that we can download ccleaner for free and make features like:

  • Remove unnecessary tabs (browser hijacking).
  • Clean our computer.
  • Remove malware safely.

And many more features that this exciting free cleaning program offers us.

Benefits of using a free PC cleaner

CClener was awarded as the best free computer cleaning program in 2017 and 2018. This only gives us advantages because with this program we can easily remove malware.

Optimize your pc with ccleaner

The tool is so easy to use that more than 2.5 billion users already use this free Spanish PC cleaner. With a few clicks we are able to clean and optimize our computer without being an experienced user.

Navigation with security

The cleaner also serves to block annoying ads on the websites we surf. This greatly improves the user’s browsing experience by making it safer.

Start your computer faster 

In the Windows 10 version of ccleaner, it is possible to speed up the startup of your computer. You can make your hard disk look like an SSD by booting the computer in a short time.


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